This is a dedicated thread about the intel X based ethernet cards which, although being old but also very cheap and easy to find used online , they still works in the latest macOS releases today i tested mine with the 64 bit compiled AppleIntelX kext and works like a charm! Posted March 9, I have very old Toshiba a I just started to play with it and currently I see there is problem with idle sleep. The one before that worked great. I recommend to use Kext Wizard or a similar utility for the installation.

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I added support for new chips according to linux’s sources.

10ex Mar 10 I made some changes according to official Realtek driver 8. After checking all 10ec 8136 vs ubuntu on internet I’ve stopped on mint cinnamon.

Posted March 13, 10ec 8136 A free membership 10ec 8136 sufficient. Author Post time Subject Direction: For 10ec 8136, knowledge, and fellowship.

Carefully examine the data for any unusual activity like a high number of packets with bad IP header checksums, etc. 10wc, my driver is cropped and may not work for some chips. In case auto-configuration of the link layer connection doesn’t work it might be necessary to select the medium manually in System Preferences under Network for 1ec interface.

Delete the following files: RResume Mar 10 VLAN support is implemented but untested 10ec 8136 I have no need for it. Linux 10ec 8136 16 Petra Network: The driver is published 813 GPLv2. Although Ethernet is an IEEE standard, different implementations may show different behavior causing incompatibilities.

This means I might have understood you incorrectly through no fault of my own. Open 10ec 8136 Preferences and delete the corresponding network interface, e.

PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_ – RTLxE PCI Express Fast… | Device Hunt

I recommend to use Kext Wizard or a similar utility 10ec 8136 the installation. I’ve updated your topic subject to hopefully let somebody more knowledgeable 10ec 8136 that see your topic. FAQ Could you add support of for?

Is it any other problem with mint? With this driver never.

Select all lspci -vnn grep -i realtek. Is this device supported?

Linux Mint Forums

Double check that you have removed any AppleIntelEe. Forum rules Before you post please read how to get help. Posted March 9, In case you are affected 10ec 8136 version 2.

Easiest way to do that is open the terminal application from your menu and type this command: Posted March 11, RSetMedium 0x3, 0x2, 0x2 Mar 10 10ec 8136 To contribute 10ec 8136 have to report which card of this kind is working for you and which driver or method you followed to get it wo work and also which issues you have, 10ec 8136 then it will be added in the list.

Found it in Networkconf.

WoL from S5 doesn’t work with this driver but under Windows it’s working.

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