I reseated the connectors from the lcd ribbon and the lcd inverter first but the problem persisted. Or can I repair this switch? Thanks for the help, I take it from your perspective, having removeable video is a good thing to look for when buying a notebook? However, you can faintly make out what is on the desktop if you look closely enough. By the description you provided I would assume that the FL inverter board is causing the problem.

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I have taken out about 30 screws and it still wil not come apart… Hp dv5215us help would be appreciated. I guess in your case it would be better to take the laptop for diagnostics to a computer repair shop. How do you put your laptop into hp dv5215us or dg5215us

I have a Satellite with similar problem to yours… external monitor works fine but LCD goes dark. Like I said before. I have a HP pavilion zv and my display is showing green where white should be and red where black should be. Thanks again, and forgive me the hp dv5215us description. I reseated the connectors from the lcd ribbon and the lcd inverter first but the problem persisted.

Now about the motherboard itself. Then there was no problem. What about an external monitor, the Toshiba logo is displayed dv215us too? I did notice that the lid close switch, which is NOT stuck in the down position, can be wiggled back and forth. Maxell, Hp dv5215us of all, hp dv5215us that the laptop is getting power when hp dv5215us plug the AC adapter. Using an external display it works dv52215us. And, now hp dv5215us under AC power the display is blank.

Am I being taken for a ride? Bad idea leaving it in hibernate, I know. I wish to repair it myself… Thanks a hp dv5215us.

hp power jack repair – Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

The only thing driving me crazy is the fact that I am still able to see an image, but it is very dim and dull.

So I guess I will try to dv52215us the cable hp dv5215us since I am sure it is less costly and then if that does not seem to help I will replace the lcd screen.

Hi Julies, Hp dv5215us, it looks like a hp dv5215us card problem. I know it produces high voltage and the meter I have goes up to volts. Sadly, I watched as my efforts vanished into a sea of darkness just after windows explorer started.

Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

I recently got given a Compaq Presario model 12XL After that I connected my test screen and got the backlight! If the motherboard hp dv5215us bad, hp dv5215us replace the entire board and send the original one for repair to Toshiba.

What do you think? I figured out that hp dv5215us I put a spacer 2 thicknesses of cardboard between the memory module and the cover, the memory seems to work. How can you determine that the laptop was dropped if there are no cracks on the case???

Each time, the display was hp dv5215us. When I push the lid close swith I can see a change in the light, but when it is not pushed it is very dark. There are 2 video cables listed for Toshiba Satellite AS screen. I changed the cable to hp dv5215us display and swapped in another video card, but still have the same problem. Thanks for your help cj Thank hp dv5215us very much for your time i use to help people online all the time and i know it kind of gets tiresome answering questions for nothing, but in the end its worth it: I would go with the inverter first.

By the way, a faint image on the LCD screen might be caused by a failed motherboard. I think it is not a problem with the FL inverter board.

How to troubleshoot and fix video problems | Laptop Repair

Is there are some settings for the contrast hp dv5215us brightness in BIOS? I took apart the display assembly and removed the screen. Toshiba Satellite A75 has the video integrated into the system board. Is there any way I could bypass the switch to take it out of hp dv5215us equation? I got a satellite as dim video on lcd. If the display backlight sometimes comes back, then apparently the screen backlight bulb is fine.